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Stephen Salmon

Stephen Salmon - Sports Handicapper Profile
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About Stephen Salmon:

Stephen was born and raised in San Diego, CA and still operates out of that area as Owner and President of Pacific Star Sports. He has a Bachelor's degree in Finance/Economics, an extensive education in statistics/applied mathematics and an incredible passion for sports.

Stephen and his staff have been handicapping all of the major sports for the better part of 15 years and have consistently proven that, in sports wagering, the house CAN be beaten if certain elements are maintained and the proper approach is taken. Over the years, he has garnered numorous Top 10 finishes in the various sports monitors around the web and is widely considered as one of the top NFL Handicappers in the Nation

Stephen believes that there are three key ingredients to successful sports wagering:

1. Good, sound handicapping techniques which include, knowledge, information, experience, dedication and above all, hard work.
2. Discipline.
3. Proper money management techniques.

His goal is to offer you, the client, a profit earning stream, based on the 3 essentials to profitable sports gambling. He uses a combination of heavy statistical analysis, trend theory, power ratings, situational theory, solid information, and a host of other factors, to win every year. This is a full-time job for him and his staff, spending 8hrs a day, 7 days a week researching and studying games. Pacific Star Sports dedicates themselves to this task and does whatever it takes to consistently produce winners.

When it comes to handicapping sports, they firmly believe in the theory of "value". In otherwords, a play either has value or it doesn't. Based on this, some weeks he may have 6-10 selections, some weeks he may have only one and some weeks he may not have any at all. He will never "force" a play, make a selection just because it's a marquee game or on TV, or make a selection that doesn't fit his criteria. A game either qualifies as a play or it does not. Only those that meet the difficult criteria are the selections he releases to his clients. Stephen prides himself on honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction. Now is the time to join one of the best young handicappers in the nation

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