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Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez - Sports Handicapper Profile
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About Jorge Gonzalez:

Jorge "The Vegas Kid" Gonzalez owns VegasWise out of Las Vegas. Jorge has lived where all the action begins for 35 years and VegasWise has burst onto the scene with 5 #1 finishes and numerous top ten finishes in the last 3 yearsJorge excels and breaks the sportsbook specializing in the post seasons of football, basketball and baseball. Jorge was a featured handicapper on the stardust line Friday 9:00PM-10:00PM and Saturday nights 10PM-12AM live from the sportsbook and can be heard on the Internet at kdwn. Jorge also Host his own show, Vegaswise Radio, that has many of the League's Handicappers as regular guests VegasWise prides itself on honesty, respect and customer service. All clients are treated on a one on one basis and received monitored winning selections. To get VegasWise handicapped information, personally contact Jorge to find out what makes VegasWise a success

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By: Anonymous
Date: 09/16/09
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bull words used to get more of your money. never leaves you alone

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