NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks
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NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks
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NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks
NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks

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NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks
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  NHL Hockey Handicapping & Hockey Picks


NHL betting can make an action-packed game even that much more exciting! If you're a Hockey fan, hockey gambling, just adds to the fun. Steve Zambriski with ATSBets.com has made name for himself exploiting NHL Totals and will help you make money from your hockey wagering this season! Finding the best NHL odds and NHL Picks all stems from analyzing the betting lines and there is no NHL handicapper beter than Steve Zambriski who maintains winning results year after year.

NHL Handicapping Picks Advice from Steve Zambriski of ATSBets.com

To say the option of betting on the over/under has swept the wagering population would be overstating the situation somewhat. Why do NHL totals get played more heavily than NHL side picks?  While the numbers show that the over/under is still clearly a second choice for the majority of sports bettors, whether you wager through the lotteries or elsewhere, it does have a growing group of followers...especially the NHL Sharps. The opportunity to play on the total goals scored in a hockey game adds an extra chance for profits to each game. This is something that all bettors should take notice of, and work hard to master. Many sharp players, and handicapping services like myself are doing well on the over/under plays, so if you're not in on it, here's your chance to start.

For starters, looking back at games which are directly related to the one you are analyzing is standard NHL handicapping. When searching for an over/under winner, it is no different. By analyzing the head-to-head histories of the two opponents, I am able to ascertaom if there is a pattern to the play of the two clubs when they face each other. Does one teams offense matchup well against the others defense and vice versa or is it a freewheeling type of a game? You will find that certain teams have a propensity to play each other in a similar fashion over a period of time, particularly if there are no major changes in personnel, or in coaching philosophies.

While you track this important information, you can bet the sportsbooks are using more of a pure historic statistical formula for their numbers...and this is how you can make money with hockey handicapping picks.


The Detroit Red Wings are a team that appear from their past head-to-head history, constantly play the same teams, the same way. Their record of six overs/18 unders and one push vs. the Calgary Flames in their last 25 meetings indicates that these two teams prepare for each other the same each time. This season so far, true to form, they have played two unders and a push. On the other side of the over/under equation, the Wings play a completely different style vs. the San Jose Sharks. They have recorded eight overs/one under/one push in their last 10 games vs. each other, including this season's two overs and a push. It's almost as if the talented Detroit team believes they can blow this team out in every meeting, thus the offensive attack is turned up, with the players all looking to rack up some big offensive numbers. When the Wings face the Sharks, even stay at home type defensemen like Bob Rouse are breaking up ice, dropping into the slot, and generally playing a more offensive-minded game

To take it another step, when one is researching the head-to-head histories of the teams, it is vitally important to divide the totals into home and away categories. A handicapper should be aware of the fact that many teams play different styles of hockey depending on if they are in front of their home town fans, or on the road. Thus, the head-to-head numbers are that much more valuable when they are looked at with the knowledge of what happened where.

So if you are a NHL fan this season, be sure and add a little excitment with placing a few wagers on either the side or totals. As always, if you are looking for some professional help you can team up with me for my inside daily NHL picks analysis for all of my daily winners.

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NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks

NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks

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NHL Hockey Handicapping Picks
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